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রাঁধুনি তেহারি মশলা ৫০ গ্রাম

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Radhuni tehari masala is a unique combination of different exotic spices, which facilitate everyone to cook delicious tehari at their home in an easy way.


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Tahri (also tehri, tehari or tayari) is a yellow rice dish in Awadhi cuisine. The spices are added to plain cooked rice which gives it spicy taste and yellow color. In one version of Tehri, potatoes are added to the rice.[1] However, in many areas of Pakistan, red meat is also added to the rice to give more flavour, aroma and texture to the dish. This dish is most popular in Bangladesh, Pakistan and North India. Tehri or Tehari are variants on the name given to the vegetarian version of Biryani. It was developed for the Hindu bookkeepers of the Muslim Nawab rulers in South Asia.[2] Tehri became more popular during the Second World War when the meat prices increased substantially and potato became the popular substitute in biryani.[3] It is prepared by adding the potatoes to the rice as opposed to the case of traditional Biryani, where the rice is added to the meat. In Kashmir, Tehari is sold as street food.


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