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Powder Spice

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  1. Kamun, is Cumin (জিরা) powder. It has a very distinct flavor and savory taste. Kamun powder will reduce the costs to flavour vegetables, chicken and fish dishes while used instead of whole seeds. The health benefits of Kamun include its ability to aid in digestion, improve immunity and lactation. It is used to treat piles, insomnia, respiratory disorders, asthma, bronchitis, common cold, anemia, skin disorders.
  2. Karanful, (কারানফুল) generic name Clove (লবঙ্গ). It add a deep, sweet aroma to dishes. The taste of ground clove is strong, so use them sparingly.
  3. 100% Adulteration free Natural Ingredients Pure Chili Powders High Quality Chili from Thakurgaon Processed and Packaged with direct supervision Chili is one of the key ingredients in our daily dishes. Almost every type of curry we cook every day contains Pepper powder to add great value to our dishes. We can not think of a curry without it, and here we can understand why fresh and adulteration free Chili Powder is necessary to us! Cheap and nasty Chili Powder flooding in the market, we all know about it. As this item is very urgent in our foods, we are here to offer you full fresh and tested quality Chili Powder for your daily intake. Khaas Food offers adulteration free and full fresh Chili Powder that can add great value to your daily cooking. Get the real taste of fresh Chili Powder and turn the foods healthy with Khaasfood's product!
  4. MDH Kashmiri Mirch is a traditional chilli powder used in Tandoori dishes. It has a wonderful bright red colour and a slightly sweet flavour that works wonderfully as a part of a marinade.
  5. To prepare this from fresh pepper, the green peppers are peeled. Then the inner cores are dried and powdered. When commercially ground, the peeling is done in automatic machines. White pepper powder is used, where the taste is supposed to be sharper. At the same time, the colour of the dish is not affected.
  6. Zanjabil: Zanjabil is dried powder of Ginger (আদা) roots. Ginger paste is an essential element in cooking of meat. Fresh cut ginger It is also used in making tea. Zanjabil is a handy replacement in all the above scenarios. It gives light citrus but heavy musty flavor. The taste is very warming.
  7. Radhuni cumin powder is prepared from selected high-grade cumin to ensure fresh aroma of cumin and maintain the real taste in dishes.
  8. Kurkum, is dried turmeric powder (হলুদ গুঁড়া). It added great yellow-orange color, slight fragrant aroma and slightly bitter taste in the dishes.
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